BioPrint is world-renowned coach and functional medicine practitioner Charles R. Poliquin’s cutting edge fat loss and health assessment designed to improve body composition rapidly, effectively and safely.

The premise of BioPrint examines the way the body stores fat as a reflection of the individual’s hormonal status. Athletic Revolution integrates BioPrint to accurately identify any hormonal, lifestyle and nutritional issues that are unique to the individual. 

BioPrint is vital in any body composition program because it breaks down your profile so you know exactly what changes are necessary for your body to lose fat. 


A BioPrint assessment lasts approximately 30 minutes and includes:
- A 14-site caliper test (measuring your ratio of lean muscle to body fat) that's entered into a software program and calculated by an algorithmic formula
- A comprehensive breakdown of your hormonal imbalances (insulin, cortisol, androgens, thyroid, estrogens, growth hormone)
- A complete analysis of lifestyle factors (stress, sleep, toxicity, inflammation, digestion, carbohydrate tolerance)


The data obtained from a BioPrint assessment enables us to provide an individualised plan that addresses nutrition, lifestyle, supplementation and training.

A report that contains:
- Your hormonal system most disrupted  
- Your specific nutritional and supplementation plans
- Your lifestyle recommendations from us.

We recommend re-assessment every 4 weeks to monitor your body’s response to the program and its protocols.


The result is enriched performance in all areas of life – physical, mental and intellectual.

Aside from the obvious improvements in body composition, clients commonly report increased mental clarity, better quality of sleep, elevated libido, higher energy levels, enhanced moods and decreased stress.

It is not uncommon to see our clients lose more than a few percentage points of body fat within two weeks and positive health benefits within just a few days.

A breakdown of BioPrint sites - click to enlarge.