Boasting comprehensive knowledge of exercise science and extensive experience in body composition training, Cameron is known for his tactical and down to earth approach to helping clients reach their health and fitness goals.

Cam’s style of coaching has led to client success through the integration of resistance training, nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle habits. He is very well qualified academically and never rests on his laurels, continually upskilling and learning to deliver his very best expertise to remain at the forefront of the industry. His passion for health and fitness, combined with a host of qualities and characteristics including compassion, honesty and humour has equipped him with the ability to extract the very best performance from clients of all levels and backgrounds. 

His formal qualifications include:
Bachelor of Exercise & Sport Science
Certificate III & IV in Fitness
Poliquin International Personal Training
Precision Nutrition Coach
BioPrint Modulation Practitioner
Applied Muscle Testing
i-Nutrition Pro Consultant
Kinetic Chain Enhancement
Level 1 – Australian Strength Coach
Advanced Coaching Academy - Phil Learney (currently completing)

His professional development include:
Charles Poliquin – Modern Trends in Hypertrophy Training
Charles Poliquin – Modern Trends in Optimal Body Composition
Charles Poliquin – Optimal Program Design
Australian Strength Coach & Andrew Lock - Deconstructing the Deadlift for Strength & Rehabilitation (Lower Back Pain)
Australian Strength Coach & Andrew Lock - Deconstructing the Bench Press for Strength & Rehabilitationn (Shoulder Issues)
IFBB Pro John Meadows – Muscle Camp
Christian Thibaudeau - Neurotransmitters & Program Design Seminar
Clean Health Fitness Institute – Level 1 Internship
Australian Strength Coach & Hattie Boydle Strength System for the Female Athlete
Dmitry Klokov Olympic Lifting Seminar
Charles Poliquin - Advanced Strength Program Design
Charles Poliquin - Kinetic Chain Enhancement: Squat & Deadlift
Charles Poliquin - Kinetic Chain Enhancement: Pressing & Chin-Up
Charles Poliquin - Kinetic Chain Enhancement: Shoulder & Arm
Poliquin Group – Foundations of Periodization & Program Design
Mark Ottobre Enterprise Fitness: Business & Personal Mastery 2 Day Intensive
Human Kinetics – Advanced Strength Training
Eugene Teo - Level 1 Muscle Mechanics
Team Lilliebridge Powerlifting Seminar
Human Kinetics – Advanced Power Training
Australian Fitness Network – Advanced Resistance Training
Fitness Institute Australia – Nutrition & Weight Management
Performance Training Institute – Kettlebell Training & Conditioning

His specialties include:
Fat Loss & Optimising Body Composition
Muscle Building & Physique Development
Structural Balance & Body Analysis
Custom Designed Training Programs
Coaching & Cueing of Movement and Technique Enhancement
Individualised Nutrition & Supplementation

Cam Carruthers