Females Physique

Join a strong, supportive and uplifting community of women. Classes are suitable for all fitness levels and programmed to specifically target fat loss and to build a strong, well rounded physique. 

Whether you need to drop centimeters off the waist in time for your wedding or shift those last few kilograms to look good in a bikini, Female’s Physique can be tailored to suit the goals of every woman.  

Classes are programmed over a 12 week period, with distinct phases in training to ensure rapid fat loss and increased strength levels to match.

We structure classes using a combination of muscle group splits and whole body workouts. This means one session may involve a strong emphasis on the posterior chain (glutes & hamstrings) and increasing lean muscle mass or alternatively a combination of upper and lower body exercises focusing on stripping body fat.

You will be provided with ongoing nutritional support and specific supplement protocols to cater for your exact needs.

Classes run on Monday – Thursday at 6:30pm and Saturday at 7:00am.

$40 p/week | Inclusions
Unlimited access to the facility + equipment
Five available classes each week
Train under the guidance of Coach Pam
Structured programming for small groups