Kelly has a long history within the fitness industry.  Not only has she worked in the administration area of a number of well known gyms in Perth, but she has successfully committed to using personal trainers, dedication and focus to transform her own body and health.

As a next step, Kelly's passion and experience encouraged her to pursue a career in personal training and she completed a Cert III & IV in Fitness in 2015.  She has already been recognised for her understanding and ability to develop appropriate programs for her clients.

Kelly is an inspiration to individuals who are keen to work towards achieving their goals and with her supportive and motivating style, her clients and members of the centre will be more than satisfied with the results.

Her formal qualifications include:
Cert III & IV in Fitness
Level 1 FMA
Precision Nutrition Coach
Level 1 Powerlifting - PTC
Level 1 Kettlebell Training - AIK
Essentials of Post Natal Exercise

Her professional development include:
Rapid Fat Loss & Hypertrophy - Luke McNally
Australian Strength Coach & Hattie Boydle Strength System for the Female Athlete
Dmitry Klokov Olympic Lifting Seminar
Christian Thibaudeau - Neurotransmitters & Program Design Seminar
Mark Ottobre Enterprise Fitness: Business & Personal Mastery 2 Day Intensive
Australian Strength Coach & Andrew Lock - Deconstructing the Deadlift for Strength & Rehabilitation (Lower Back Pain)
Australian Strength Coach & Andrew Lock - Deconstructing the Bench Press for Strength & Rehabilitationn (Shoulder Issues)
Ant Usmar S & C Mentor Program
My PT Education The Female Athlete Level 1

Her specialties include:
Fat Loss
Pre & Post Natal Women

Kelly Stoikov
Kelly Stoikov