Whether you want to want to lose fat, gain muscle or pursue a healthy lifestyle, the most important limiting factor is almost always nutrition. Poor nutrition is what holds clients back; good nutrition is what propels them forward.

Good nutrition achieves health, body composition and performance goals. Therefore it is better to make a long-term set of nutritional habits that are sustainable and enjoyable, than ‘diet’ for success. Good nutrition is something that needs to be implemented as part of your everyday lifestyle.

At Athletic Revolution we utilise the revolutionary nutritional program design software called i-Nutrition Pro. The software allows us to create a meal plan with every aspect being fully customisable that links in with your lifestyle and resistance training program. Clients will be able to login online to access their meal plans, and have the option to select the foods they would like to eat that align with their nutritional needs and macronutrient targets.

For example if a coach has prescribed chicken with veggies and coconut oil for one of the meals and the client decides to choose walnuts instead of the coconut oil, the quantity of chicken will decrease in order to keep their protein consistent for that meal since the nuts contain some protein.

iNutrition Interface - click to enlarge.

Before a custom designed nutrition plan is devised, certain preliminary information is required:

- A three-day dietary record
- Diet and supplementation questionnaire
- Lifestyle appraisal sheet
- Kitchen makeover questionnaire
- Lean body mass through BioPrint

Effective weight management starts with making the right lifestyle changes for you. Therefore, in conjunction with your nutrition plan and through the effective use of BioPrint we also provide exclusive lifestyle tips and advanced protocols that focus on improving common problems that transmit to you such as stress, libido, sleep, energy, detoxification, gut health and insulin sensitivity.

Blanket statements and dogmatic views about nutrition are inadequate to improve a person’s weight and health. Nutrition is goal and individual dependent - what works for one person will not necessarily work for another. Therefore at Athletic Revolution there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to nutrition, each individual has their own plan to follow.