With the ineffectual fitness fluff that saturates the fitness industry, it's almost too easy to fall for the latest fad offering a quick fix. There are an abundance of 24/7 gyms, multi-level marketing nutrition schemes, generic online programming, insta-fit models endorsing products and uncountable mass produced programs at our fingertips,

Fed up with the poor commercial gym culture and fitness gimmicks going around, we decided it was time for change.

We have created a personal training performance centre that's driven by real results, housed by only the best coaches. When you step into our training centre, you'll follow a game plan that actually works - this shows in the spectacular transformations that we and our clients achieve.

Not only that, but we'll also become known as a place where aspiring personal trainers come to learn, in an environment that pushes and provides on-going education, and nurtures and supports new coaches in their career.

If you're looking for a change or want improved results from your training, Athletic Revolution welcomes you to the team!

No Lock in Contracts

No Hidden Costs.


We are bringing service and quality back to the fitness industry.

This is Athletic Revolution.