Personal Training

You are more likely to train hard, stay motivated and show up to each session in the gym if you like the training you are doing. This is what personal training at Athletic Revolution is all about.

Getting results from personal training for some may be about getting a set of abs for Summer or lifting an impressive deadlift number. For others the focus may be about staying active, overcoming physical barriers and a great workout experience. 

Whatever your goal is, our team of passionate coaches have the knowledge and practical experience to help you succeed. Let one of us create a custom training regime that’s personal to you, effective, and leads to life changing, sustainable results.

Our personal training prices are accessible and affordable for all. Our goal is to help any individual who reaches out.

$12.50 p/week | Inclusions
Unlimited access to the facility + equipment
Minimum 1:1 PT session per/week*
Individualised training program
Nutrition guidance
BONUS Group Training access on Thursday + Saturday
*PT sessions incur an additional cost payable to your coach. 

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