Rev-Con (Revolutionary Conditioning) is Athletic Revolution's staple strength and conditioning class.

Rev-Con is the most complete program, designed to get any individual athletically conditioned. That means we get our clients strong, fit, healthy and in the best shape of their lives. 

Classes are strength and conditioning based using the major lifts with a big focus on correct technique to ensure massive strength gains and freedom from injury. We combine these lifts with high intensity metabolic conditioning to drop body fat and increase lean muscle mass.  

Classes are periodised and programmed over a 12 week period, with distinct phases in training to ensure rapid gains in strength, structural balance, mobility and aesthetics. All loading parameters (reps, sets, tempo, rest intervals, choice of exercise) are changed regularly to provide variety and to keep clients motivated.

We structure classes weekly, with different muscle groups and movements patterns planned for the week. This allows our clients to plan their training schedule ahead of time, rather than being in the unknown.

To complement Rev-Con classes, all clients are provided with ongoing nutritional support and body fat testing. We understand the importance of nutrition in building optimal strength and dropping body fat, we want to ensure our clients are provided with all the tools to succeed. 

Rev-Con classes attract all walks of life - we have office workers, Crossfitters, Mum’s, Olympic lifters, professional athletes, body composition enthusiasts. But they all have one thing in common – they are a TEAM, a team striving for results, hard work and most importantly a fun environment to train in!