Athletic Revolution is Perth’s ultimate fitness destination that’s shaping the future of the fitness industry.

Delivering the highest standards in professional one on one coaching and small group training, everybody who walks through our door will experience what it’s like to be an athlete. 

Our centre will be a place where you are guaranteed results. You’ll be put in the hands of experienced and passionate coaches who utilise the most advanced and up-to-date training procedures. 

We don’t cater to the masses, we cater to individuals who seek results. We are elite, but in service and coaching ability without the premium price tag.


We believe everybody has the right to feel like an ATHLETE.

Our aim is to make you proficient in physical exercise and eating for the purpose of improved body composition, defined strength and optimal health.

You don’t have to be in shape to start. Athletic Revolution helps members reach their full potential, no matter what level they’re at. We will ask a lot of you, but we guarantee we will give twice as much back.


Immerse yourself in everything Athletic Revolution! From industry leading coaches with expert knowledge to our top-end training centre, jam packed with the best equipment on the market – our centre will be a place for hard work, enjoyment and real results.

When you join us, you join a community of like-minded individuals who strive for a positive atmosphere built on camaraderie, team work and mutual encouragement, so that each individual has the opportunity to succeed and train at their best.