Rev-Con is our Strength + Conditioning class accessible to everyday individuals.

A group training experience characterised by strength, fitness, body re-composition, performance, good health and fun.

Unlimited Membership | $57 p/week
Access to unlimited Rev-Con classes
Open gym access
Technique screening
Introduction to class movements
Nutrition guidance upon request

3 Class Membership | $45 p/week
Access to 3 x Rev-Con classes per week
Open gym access
Technique screening
Introduction to class movements
Nutrition guidance upon request


Rev-Con classes can be utilised to accomplish any goal and caters to people at any age and level of fitness. You can expect to:

  • Transform your body - burn fat, build muscle and look your best

  • Develop new levels of strength with a huge focus on technique

  • Increased fitness and performance for everyday life

  • Build a resilient body and mind

  • Feel healthier, more energised and confident

  • Bring about a positive mind, attitude and mood


Rev-Con efficiently combines the most effective methods from:

  • Strength training

  • Metabolic conditioning

  • Body re-composition

  • High intensity cardio

This combination has been tried and tested as the most effective method to accomplish your health + fitness goals.


Rev-Con programming is designed with variety and creativity in mind, each day is a different. In saying this, we follow a structured plan so you can continually progress and reach your goals - at your own pace.


The way Re-Con is scheduled allows you to hit all six classes per week or choose three, yet still feel challenged and reap the benefits. Classes are carefully structured with each day focusing on a different movement pattern. A week typically looks like:

  • MON: Lower Body: Squat

  • TUES: Upper Body: Push/Pull

  • WED: Lower Body: Deadlift

  • THURS: Whole Body: Conditioning

  • FRI: Upper Body: Pull/Push

  • SAT: Whole Body: Conditioning


Rev-Con classes are small in size so you can receive personalised coaching and expert guidance. Our Coaches respect each individuals’ movement patterns, strength levels, cardio ability, injuries, training experience, as well as character and personality.


You’ll join a community of like-minded individuals - whom we like to call athletes - who strive for an ego-free and welcoming environment built on camaraderie, team work and mutual encouragement, so you have every opportunity to train at your best.


Expert Programming

Team Atmosphere

Unlimited Classes

Passionate Coaches