Programming Schedule

Females Strength + Physique classes are programmed over a 12-week cycle.

Programming is specially designed so you can continually progress and reach your goals at your own pace, while still maintaining the variety and fun a small group training environment provides.

A unique approach to female-focused classes, a week of Females Physique typically looks like:

- MON: Lower Body: Deadlift

- TUE: Upper Body: Pull/Push + Abs

- WED: Lower Body: Glutes & Hamstrings (Hump Day!)

- THU: Whole Body: Conditioning + Circuits

- SAT: Lower Body: Squat


Our daily workout format is designed to build upon strength, aesthetics and conditioning in equal measure.

- STRENGTH: We take the big compound lifts and coach them with with a huge focus on correct technique and loading so you're guaranteed to get stronger.

- AESTHETICS: We use a number of body composition methods designed to drop body fat and build a lean, well-rounded physique.

- CONDITIONING: We utilise a variety of high intensity conditioning methods so your cardio fitness excels and fat loss occurs.

Females Physique is a group class but with individuality in mind. Coach Pam respects each individuals' different movement patterns, strength levels, cardio ability, injuries and training experience.

Exercise Selection

We like to strengthen Females Strength + Physique members with simple and effective movements. Some of the main compound exercises prescribed are: Squat, Deadlift, Glute Bridge, Pull-Up, Overhead Press and Row.

When it comes to the accessory and isolation exercises, the choice is endless however a few of our favourites include lunges, Romanian deadlifts, frog pumps, hip thrusts, hamstring curls, lateral raises, bicep curls, tricep extensions and dumbbell presses.

We use conditioning exercises from a number of different domains to ensure all energy systems are hit. You can expect to swing kettlebells, push sleds, jump boxes, slam deadballs, throw wallballs plus a whole lot more.

Programming Parameters

We are very OCD with our programming, so all training parameters (reps, sets, tempo, rest intervals, load selection etc.) are taken in to account.

Nothing is guessed or randomly added, every aspect in our programming we do for a reason.

If you were to point to any spot on our program and ask WHY, you can be sure we have the correct answer.

The programming principles we coach have repeatedly produced results with all our members.