8 Week Pack 

We don't believe in quick fixes, but we do believe in getting off to the right start... Our new start-of-cycle offer is your perfect introduction to our renowned strength & conditioning classes.

Get started the right way and let your training turn into a lifestyle habit! Our new strength and conditioning program commences on 8 April.

Come and surround yourself with awesome like-minded individuals, show up ready to tackle each workout and let us take care of the rest.

We are excited to see the results you achieve on the program and look forward to seeing down at The Rev!

$275 upfront | Inclusions
Unlimited group classes per week
Rev-con and Females Physique
Unlimited access to the facility + equipment
The Start – a comprehensive assessment
Nutrition advice + guidelines
Over 30 classes available each week

*Limited spots available so book in now. Valid for new members only.