We understand that walking in to a new gym not knowing anyone or what to expect from a class can be intimidating.

Our Beginners Class has been designed with two goals in mind:
1. Teach you correct training techniques and provide you with an understanding of how we structure classes each day.
2. Introduce you to a community of individuals who support each other in a positive environment.

The aim of this program is to build a base, learn the big compound movements and get a feel for the conditioning exercises we use - all at your own pace. These classes will be a stepping stone to Rev-Con and will cover all aspects of strength, conditioning, mobility and body composition.

We are excited to see the results you achieve and guarantee you won’t hesitate to jump straight into Rev-Con at the completion of the program.

Commencement Date: 19th November
Price: $150
Times: Monday & Wednesday at 6.30pm, Saturday at 8am