If you have a body, you are an athlete.


What we do

Our vision is to bring together individuals from all walks of life and build a community through strength + fitness, friendship + fun.


Group Training: Rev-Con

60-minute small group classes combining elements of strength training, body re-composition, metabolic conditioning and high intensity cardio.

Each class can be adapted to fit your individual needs and everyone works to their own abilities and own pace. Workouts vary each day and are progressive in programming from week to week.

We use safe, effective and efficient exercises, with an enormous emphasis on correct movement technique that is right for you.

Classes can be utilised to accomplish any strength, fitness and health goal and caters to people of all ages and levels of fitness experience.

Group Training: Females Strength + Physique

60-minute small group classes for women utilising a combination of strength, circuit-style, weights-based workouts and high intensity conditioning training.

Here's your chance to build your body. Our programming is unique to females as it’s specially designed to create strong, athletic and feminine bodies.

Results go far beyond just the physical - achieve positive lifestyle change that's built on a happier, healthier, stronger body and mind.

Classes are suitable for all ages, levels of fitness and guarantees results in a safe environment for women to workout in, without judgement.

Personal Training

We understand not everyone wants to train in a group environment.

Our aim with Personal Training is to ensure you achieve maximal results that are sustainable for the long run, with a plan tailored exclusively to you and your goals.

Getting results from personal training for some may be about building a set of abs for Summer or lifting an impressive deadlift number. For others the focus may be about staying active, overcoming physical barriers and a great workout experience.

Whatever your goal, your Coach will create a training and nutrition regime that's enjoyable, effective and leads to life changing results.

Why us?

A gym experience that ticks all the boxes:

  • Welcoming community + kick-ass culture

  • Charismatic + knowledgeable Coaches

  • New levels of strength gain to be proud of

  • Defined fat loss + muscle building to look your best

  • Increased fitness + performance to feel good

  • Skill development to try something new + keep the mind young

  • Mobility + movement for everyday life and activities

  • Fun - the more fun you have training, the better your results will be!


Rev-Con is our Strength + Conditioning class accessible to everyday individuals. A group training experience characterised by strength, fitness, body re-composition, performance, good health and fun.

Efficient and effective workouts, the highest quality coaching and a strong community.



What the community says…


Personal Training

You are more likely to train hard, stay motivated and show up to each session in the gym if you like the training you are doing. This is what personal training at Athletic Revolution is all about.




Our aim is to champion a gym personality that stands not only for results, but friendship, fun and enjoyment. It's the spontaneous friendships and unspoken bonds that make you want to show up.



This means giving without expectation and adding value to your health, fitness and goals. Whether you’re just starting out or have been training for years, you’ll be treated equally on your fitness journey together.



You’ll join a community of like-minded individuals who strive for an ego-free and welcoming environment built on camaraderie, team work and mutual encouragement, so you have every opportunity to train at your best.



When you combine the three pillars of - connection, professionalism and experience - hard work follows and results are inevitable. And before you know it, your training becomes a lifestyle habit and an hour to look forward to.